Jordan James KayeBio

Jordan James Kaye is a multifaceted visual artist based in Naarm/Melbourne.

His artistic practice is an experimental mergence of analog film, sculpture, installation and performance. 

His artworks are informed by his poetic response to the human encounter of our world, seeded by a desire to unveil threads to the fabric of his personal experience. 

He realises works that are technically complex, driven by pure compulsion, that vibrate and encourage immersion in deep reflection.

My artistic practice is beginning to set in foundations that have been brewing within micro-cosms of ideas explored in expanded cinema live film performance and sculpture installation. While foundations do set in, there is an incessant driving force that is forcing new pavements to be paved and ideas to be macro scaled up and looked deeper upon. 

I explore and participate in experimental film in it’s essence yet there lays a deep desire to break free of traditional modalities of the audiences participation of my ‘film work’ - the desire seeps to the surface of the foundational backbone of cinema and the beholders experience of it. 
I make films. 
I make film sculptures of my films. 
I make live performance of my films. 
I make sound on films. 
I make sculptures as vessels for my films. 
I make films in the most tangible way I know. 
I make films from reverse engineering, just for fun. 
I make films to break them down to their most material form to remind myself of the tangibility of life. 
I make films to make sculpture to make performance, to ask myself questions and to project that onto an audience. 
I showcase films with the respect that the materiality and structural nodes of analog film deserve and catapult them into the physical reality we exist. 

I deeply ask of myself to escape established constructs to set my films free, selfishly as a priority and un selfishly when they are free enough to be in a public domain.

Curriculum Vitae


    (MAR) The Battery Of Inquest (16mm Expanded Cinema showcase),
              It Has Me By The Throat And I Am The Fingerprint  (16mm Film showing)  
Baltic Analog Lab, Riga, Latvia    

    (MAR) Amygdala Oxytocin (16mm Expanded Cinema Performance),
Topspace, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
(MAR) FILM ~ AS SCULPTURE (16mm Film Sculpture Exhibition), 
Work In Process Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

    (NOV) Analysis Paralysis (16mm Film and Film Sculpture showcase), 
Rooftop, Melbourne, Australia

    (AUG) When The Gloss Comes Off, (Exhibition) 
Boomtown, Castlemaine, Australia

    Resident Alien (Exhibtion)
Neon Parlour, Melbourne, Australia



    (JANUARY 28-MARCH 30) Baltic Analog Lab, Riga, Latvia


    (FEB-MARCH) Topspace, Blackmans Bay, Tasmania



    (OCT) Craft Contemporary Satellite Exhibition (Film Sculpture), Beta STH BNK, Melbourne, Australia
    (OCT) Material Matters (Film Sculpture), Beta STH BNK, Melbourne, Australia
    (SEP) Material Matters (Film Sculpture), Beta STH BNK, Melbourne, Australia
    (AUG) Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (16mm), Weimar, Germany
    (JUN) Zero Pixel Festival (16mm), Topspace, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
    (MAY) Carte Blanche - 10x Melbourne (16mm), La Lumière Collective, Montreal, Canada
    (MAY) Expanded Cinema hosted by Dogmilk (16mm), Miscellania, Melbourne, Australia
    (MAY) Pleasure Planet - Hysteria w/ Thick Owens (Live Projection), Miscellania, Melbourne, Australia
    (FEB) Embodied Knowing (16mm), ACMI (Australian Centre of Moving Image), Melbourne, Australia
    (FEB) Recomposing Decomposition (16mm), Workshop For Potential Cinema, Sydney, Australia
    (FEB) Recomposing Decomposition (16mm), Canberra, Australia

    (DEC) Recomposing Decomposition (16mm), Artist Film Workshop, Melbourne, Australia
    (OCT) Embodied Knowing (16mm), NGBE Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
    (SEP) Dogmilk Degustations (16mm), Analysis Paralysis, Miscellania, Melbourne, Australia
    91 Cycles Bloom, FORTHEART For The Earth, Melbourne, Australia

    Downstream, Lift-Off Film Festival 2020, New York, New York
    Downstream, Lift-Off Film Festival 2020, Tokyo, Japan

    20th Century Evolution, Exposure and Capture Photography Prizes, Geelong, Australia

The Dust And Its Settling

  • Sculpture
  •     mild steel, acrylic paint

01 October 2023