Jordan James Kaye is an Experimental Filmmaker, Photographer, Designer and Mixed Media Artist. Creating films and reciprocal artworks with an ethereal and philosophical dream-like vision. Empiricism lies at the heart of his creations. 

Using experimental filmmaking as the catalyst for his current body of work he navigates his approach to life and his understanding of it. 

His work is made through the use and experimentation of arranging and solidifying hand developed/hand digitised Super 8 and 16mm physical celluloid film in often abstract images, symbolism and patterns to further conduce a deeper outlook and perspective into his digital film works.             

An approach which coagulates the film and in which will outlive the present moment and himself.

There are three major acts at play in his work..
︎︎︎ capturing ︎︎︎ reflection ︎︎︎ resolution

He fell in love with cinema and film vicariously through his love of photography from a young age. His obsession with capturing the day to day life of society in forms of street photography solidified his philosophical approch to his way of life, creating and establishing his connection to his reality through capturing the world on celluloid film.

An excerpt from his 2019 Solo Exhibition ‘Resident Alien’ which stands true to the testament he lives by today:

Resident Alien is an exploration of both my own psyche and a discovery of an individuals relativity to their environment and the importance of being present in such a space. Every moment in waking life can and will have relevance when and if you choose to find it.... exploring the importance of becoming mindful in environments I encounter, I have coined a concept I express as Phototherapy. I use phototherapy as an insight and belief into my sub concsious mind, a notion that every context and the physical and mental progressions that go into it are all equally as important.